Thursday, November 22, 2012

shortest post www

Hey stalker readers,お久しぶりww Seriously, i didn't update my blog for so many months xD
^go listen :D My amatsuki sing d www

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Fasora now ill QAQ So sad . He cannot sing high pitch weih :( Haiz,Fasora rest more,fast fast recover ! >:P I'm so worry,b'cuz i listen his live and he try his best to sing.But he can't sing high pitch. Nevermind,Fasora forever cute :D His voice is damn HOT <3 Ganbatte Fasora :D Hope you recover soon :)
 Now let's talk about installation(PMO). Okay,i guess you all know i cried((i bet you all don't know ww  And this year i can control my feeling,i cry for 1 minute only :DD Yay www なんだよ?!ww ばかじゃないよ ww サヨナラァァァ Bye :D ready for Sunway Pyramid x)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hey guys and girls www Thank you for blogwalking my blog :D And i'm back once again www Do you see the title of the blog? *lookup* Yeshh,Yuuto and Kony just sing it. Oh god,*blush*kay,just ignore my BLUSH wwww Yuuto is so damn freaking HOT :P Kony too! So damn in love with them QAQ
  And a new lao gong*TAADAHH* -LEV- He is awesome xD -because he likes chocolate- .__. Whatduhhhell??!!! And how i know,of course i ask him (*'v`*) Shit,Fuq,my cold receptors are not functioning again....wwww Kay,pls donate some *i'mjustkidding,youallneedit*
  Hmm,time to say さよなら,I need rest www So,goodbye guys or girls www I'm going to fall asleep www

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bon Odori :D

Hey Guys! Yesterday I go to the Bon Odori Festival :P Seriously,it is so fun! I stay there for 3 to 4 hours. Guess what? I get to wear Yukata :DD Yukata makes me look fat xDDD But i love it :D Janie was like "Give mee!!!" xDD She's gonna tear off my Yukata xD But the Yukata is quite hot when i'm wearing it :P
I dance too :) I can't believe i dance xD I will go again next year :P
 Bye guys :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love Bite :3

Heyyyy, Hentai chocolate is back !:D Me get a love bite yesterday <3 *inmydream* My lao gong give me a love bite <3 And so i give him one too :D Wheeee~I never felt so happy before,he hug me :D And he kiss me too :D
  I tweet with a sheng you o.o Is like OMG! I did tweet with him? o.o Is it real (slap my self :PP so go tweet first byee :D

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Something make me happy like hell :D

Hey,guess what? I ''rape'' my laogong. Ehemm,so I din really rape him,I just did it in my dream. I know,i'm hentai or just a pervert or something else. Duhh...I'm hentai chocolate,of cuz I'm hentai.*i'm still thinking how sexy was the body of my laogong www* So,i draw something crazy,wanna see? >< Your answer *yes* lol look below :

so,see! Otonashi was like: Y U RAPE ME?? U SHOULD TELL ME FIRST! Cause if u tell me first,then i can be ready for it xDDD
O...okay,what??? My brain is been poluted amd damaged at this rate
So,admit lorh,I'm hentai enough xD
Oh,i almost forget...:P The reason i draw this thing and rape my Otonashi is because of i sucess drawing my laogong :DD So,clap? >< Nahh,nothing to clap since i did something rapist do xD

     Bye,going to sleep,or not.....i'm a panda-flavour chocolate xD

Monday, June 4, 2012

Brainfreeze ._.

 Hey hey, guess what? I finally achieve all the songs in Project Diva! :D Omg, I'm so happy! xD I unlock Rin,Len,Luka,Meiko,Kaito,Neru and Haku. I love them, and when i use kaito to play miku song, i thought that kaito is a female o.o
  *Flashback* _______ I remember i use Kaito to play world is mine.... .__. Erm...oh...okay,wait a second...o.o OH! I THOUGHT KAITO IS A GIRL *whatthef---* OH GOSH,what am i thinking?! Sorry times thousand for Kaito. Kaito,forgive me QAQ
 Oyasumi :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I want go school QAQ

 Konichiwa readers, are you holiday-ing? >:D Me? Yesh, and it is BORING !!! The worst is i'm lack of 灵感 ! QAQ Why is this always happen to ME ?! Y? Y NO ANSWER ? I fail draw Haku ! I wish i'm in school now,cuz school can make me draw BETTER ? OMFG,impossible .
  So sorry for being angry , i feel better now. Now i wanna find some Miku + Gumi songs. And you know what just happen? I found NOTHING.... .___.  It's so unlucky. Fine,i just ask from Janie,maybe she can help me *obviouslyshecan*
  So i shall rest . Oyasumi :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tablet fever sista xD

 Halooo...Today Holiday lorh~ Yay >w< But kinda sad la,b'cuz Janie din go Hua Yue Ting . Nvm la,I know she is using tablet *and i bet :P* I kinda worry sometimes,i still remember i bring her go use tablet.... After use...She become EMO and zi bei.I think i am useless because i cannot make her happy.I want to see her smile
D: I dun like she EMO,and i know she dun like i EMO too...
    Yay,she now can use tablet happily liao *i guess :)* My EMO and worries lost agn :) Ganbatte use tablet draw good art la~ Janie :) I know u can :P
   Time to sleep lorh~Bye :D Oyasumi ~xD

Thousand Enemies Lyrics :D

いつまでも 変えないで 氷のように
きっと先に 美しい氷河があるよ
形あるそんな心 誰だって気づけば持ってる 君も持ってる
いつまでも 持ってたいよ 鋼のような
行く手には 数え切れない
敵がいてあたしを待ってる 君にも待ってる
いつまでも 一緒だから 恋人のように
きっと先に 壮大な景色が待つよ
あたしも持ってる 君にも聞かす たっぷり聞かす
Fukigen sou na kimi to sugoshite
Wakatta koto ga hitotsu aru yo
Sonna furishite tatakau koto ni hisshi
Itsu made mo Kaenaide Koori no you ni
Natsu no hizashi atsukute mo tokezu ni ite ne
Kitto saki ni Utsukushii hyouga ga aru yo
Katachi aru sonna kokoro Dare datte kidzukeba motteru Kimi mo motteru
Onaka ga suite arukenaku natte
Wakatta koto ga hitotsu aru yo
Yarubeki koto sakiokuri ni shite yaritai koto bakka yatteru
Gohan tabete tatakau shitaku shi yo
Itsu made mo Mottetai yo Hagane no you na
Donna mono mo toosanai ganko na iji wo
Kitto ima mo tachitsukushite mamori no tochuu
Yukute ni ha Kazoekirenai
Teki ga ite atashi wo matteru Kimi ni mo matteru
Mayotta toki ni ha kokoro no chizu wo atashi ni misete hoshii
Sore nara yukisaki sugu wakaru kara
Jibun ja wakaranai dake
Saa sa susumou ikutsumo no kakehashi
Itsu made mo Issho da kara Koibito no you ni
Natsu no hizashi atsukute mo hanarezu iru ne
Kitto saki ni Soudai na keshiki ga matsu yo
Sono toki ha tamatte ita sono kimochi zenbu kiite yaru
Atashi mo motteru Kimi ni mo kikasu Tappuri kikasu
English Translation
Spending time with you when you’re in a bad mood
There’s one thing I’ve found out
You’re just pretending while fighting frantically
Like a block of ice don’t ever change
Even in the heat of the summer sun stay with me and don’t melt away
I’m sure that there’s a beautiful glacier ahead
If only they’d realize; Everyone has a heart that takes that form; You have one too
Becoming so hungry that I’m unable to walk
There’s one thing I’ve found out
I’ve been postponing what I have to do and doing only the things that I want
We eat and prepare for battle
I want to hold onto this steel will forever
Nothing can penetrate it
I’m sure that even now I’m standing firm under its protection
There are countless paths to take
There are enemies waiting for me; They’re waiting for you too
When I’m lost I want you to show me the heart’s map
If you do that I’ll understand where I am right away
I won’t understand just by myself
Come on! Let’s cross the numerous bridges
We’ll be together forever just like a couple
Even in the heat of the summer sun we’ll never be separated
I’m sure that a magnificent scenery awaits us ahead
At that time I’ll listen to all of those feelings you’ve collected
I have them too; I’ll let you listen to mine too; I’ll let you listen to them all

Friday, April 6, 2012

Free Japanese Lessons - Learn to speak the Japanese language online for free!

Free Japanese Lessons - Learn to speak the Japanese language online for free!

Birthday girl wish :D

This is what i get for my birthday...*of cuz my birthday not today,is 19 days later

Wish list:
1.Anime stuff :D
2.Handphone*samsuung xD
3.Mugi stuff
5.a big birthday card :D
6.just a present *lol...>w<*

Good Friday is fantastic :D

 Hi,today is Good Friday,but for me is Best Friday xD... Today no school , but got PMO. I saw no junior when i come,i thought i can teach them weih .__. Emo liao arh~ But nvm lo,i got the poker*Janie xD* teman me LOL xD
  All high gei,all chun jie d at reading corner he zou xD Damn fun ! xD I dunno why i lose control become high gei join di zi he zou xD The worst is "wo duan xian liao! >:(" What a waste...I must pay 6 to 8 ringgit for my xian ..
   Me keep kacau Er Hu xD ... Then Hao Jian say " weih,zhong ruan d dun kacau kacau " xD I'm a bad girl xDD
   go sleep lo,Oyasuminasai nee :D

Friday, March 23, 2012

I draw :D

Designed by Poh Jing
Shading: Janie 

Emo drawing :(

Emo -A-

 Hey,guys...guess wat? I cry agn!!! Oops! Sorry,i said before i won cry rite? >< I think nobody talk to me i emo gua...then finally,Emo explode !!! Boom! Tear from the volcano xD *Imagine LimBA is beside the volcano xD =A=*
    I so happy because oral postpone liao xD Bwahaha...Thank you exam peipah! I love you *O.o,i looks like that cow now :D* Crazy :D PMO PMO PMO Otonashi Otonashi xD...*sorry ah Janie,But i really love him d marh :D*
     Lala.....Spamming is quite fun weih...Y U IGNORE ME ??? QAQ Emoooooo LOL
    Okay la,dun play play la...good night or OYASUMINASAI everyone ! I love u all! xD

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crying behind of them

こにちわ, This week i cry a lot ... cause by stress *lol...stress also wanna cry xD* But what i wanna hear from her is " Aww,dun cry"....
   I wanna say ありがとう to those who make me happy . I love ya! Sometimes,i wanna be like Mugi-chan...give ppl a warm nice rite?

  I would not CRY in front you all anymore...I wanna be more HAPPY ... Help me ><

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My life photo :D

 Hi,long time no update le...xD
Yui :D

Hiragawa Nami (my creation :D)

Hiragawa Mirai (my creation too :D)

Nice Rite ? xD

Janie !xD

I design :D

K-on!! foreva :D

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't regret !

Konichiwa and Ohaiyo gozaimasu , Do you LOVE someone or something ? I love my zhong ruan and never regret.
  My junior a,you must LOVE zhong ruan xD...Wu Ka Hin is my junior ,Lee zi Quan too,Oh and a girl call jing ying*e to...i guess*.I have something to tell you.
  Zhong ruan is a special music instrument.It always placed in bass.But if zhong ruan not in the 演奏,the song is not special anymore.So,do you regret,playing zhong ruan?Or Loving zhong ruan ? PS:you cannot regret ! :D
  Friday practice :D Ki dai neh

Japanese class
Konichiwa = hi or good afternoon
Ohaiyo....=good morning
de mo= but

Monday, January 2, 2012

I wanna be mature !

 Hi readers,how are you? :) My brother bully me 12 years.... Urgh, I kinda hate him ! But the news say 老二
is more independent than the 老大..*really? :D*
  My Lao er means my parents not very sayang d..larh...:P What is mature? I don't know...xD
 So~I gonna plan a mature going to plan liao..bye

Japaneese tips:
 Watashi mo = Me too
E to  = Ummm
:) enjoy the japaneese class :D