Wednesday, December 7, 2011

K-on! :D

Haiii, Readers and my friends! These days i been chasing K-on ! Kah Huei , want to watch not? Very nice one o...xD
  I like Mugi weih ... *ehem...not MUGILAN lo* Ano.....Yui ,she is shooooooo cute :D Mio is mature but a scaredy cat xP Ritsu is kinda rude but she is so cool :D Azunyan? She is as cute as a cat *erm...i think ?*
 Now my blog got some japaneese tips ... go see ba!
  Baii Baii lorh~
Azunyan is the last one :D
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Ritsu,Mio,Yui,Mugi :D

She is Mugi :D

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy :D

Erm..Haiii? xD Sorry din update blog :P You know what ? I finally go back home from that crazy house my aunt house...Yeah! So happy, Lalalalalala~sing a happy song! xD haha *Happy dao sot liao*
Oh Oh, i almost forget to tell you all something ! I chase 4 detective conan movie in 1 day,walao eh! And I am drawing anime character (of cuz not 模仿 la) Inoka , Sunflower , Sakura , Angel :D OMG ! Is awesome when i created them :P
 Baii Baii , go eat Wan Tan Mee lorh ! Give You all a flying kiss*Muaksss* xD

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Addicted to Kudo Shinichi and Mouri Ran :D

 OMFG!!!! Kudo Shinichi is so handsome !!!! Mouri Ran is soooooo cute !!!!!! Ehheem...pls dun think that i am crazy,see...see the title pls....:P
  I adi watch finish the movie , the song is so nice weih~<3

yu-yu - 君とずっと・・・

Hey readers,Aishiteru ! ;D

Friday, October 7, 2011

I don't want to go home :P

Nooo... Time to leave my aunt house :C Damn Angry Sad man~
 Good Bye Enn Thong Cutie are the cutest girl i ever seen * cuz i never say ppl cute xD* Good Bye Winson Choo Buhbye... and good bye to Aunt Pink Too...Love  You All For Ever!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cute holiday :D

Hey readers,guess wat? i go my aunt house :P cute cousin everywhere haha:D  my blog is going boring right? give me some comment i will try to chg ... rmb chat box ar~!:P

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yay..Holiday :D liao weih..xD June Tai,Exam jiayou bah! :) i am also doing my revision too..lets both of us work hard together :D I do my revision almost 4 hour edi @@ so pening ,become rajin liao worh..Perasan :D
play game first Bye ! :D
 my picture new cloths :D :

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Punishment :P

Hey June...sorry ya din renew blog...
Today is the blackest thursday eva...bcuz i gotta stand outside the class cuz din bring file..."thx" to PUAN SUSAN......
Yeah! Tomorrow go watch Johny English Reborn !!! Wakaka...xD
Watching PMO concert CD ...Damn nice nia.....:)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tears for PMO

  I remember when i primary 6 i nvr even cry for my frenz and school..but now...i give my tears to PMO...
  Today is Installation day.My beloved Form 5 Senior is sad :(... First thing we did were playing games :D...We find Yoke Ling untill crazy weih....xD Then we go bengkel...we saw Jing Cheng..:) Jing Cheng says Yoke Ling hide at the stairs.LOL...Yoke Ling really there...
  When Yoke Ling turns to sharing....I cry adi.....:(
   Haiz form 5 ...dun go la..

Sunday, August 21, 2011



Monday, August 1, 2011

Boring day...worst day too :(

 Hey Stalker readers,Boring weih....teman me chat d ppl is.....erm...*faint*....i can't belief is my fake brother *lim jian feng*...
   He's the best guy eva!!:D.....If i want to choose a boyfriend i sure choose this kind of boyfriend ! xD Maybe larh....not reallll :D
    Boring Boring Boring! Buh bye go study...:D *so rajin xia * xD

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy with Janice and Sebrina :)

   OMG....such a happy day weih...becuz no need to marching at all...:D Hey hey.....Guess wat?? I 'm going Domino :) Want to eat ?? *i am starving now...xP* If u want to eat then i order for u lorh! * joking only.. dun so serious :D*
    BTW,Sebrina and I wait-ting for Janice so long! Anyway,I'm starting to hungry,then i go buy some snacks at 7-eleven...:) Finally Janice arrived!! Woohoo!! She said she waiting in the school...LOL..but we wait her in the shop :) HAHAHa! I can't stop laughing when i thinking abt it xD!
    But , i have to go He Zhou...Janice take a photo with me 2..*actually its 2 4++* She go to the school concert and i have to practise okestra..haiz...well...its nothing oso la...
    Buh-byeeee! I'm gonna miss u all! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

He2 Zhou4 today...

   Hey readers! Miss u all weih...:3! Today He2 Zhou4 arh......erm....can say not bad lorh*maybe-_-*....Only Pai1 Zi3 got problem :)
   Good news!! I 'm going cinema tommorow ...!!! Wahaha...U all can't go! * LOL..* Nenenipupu!!:D Just joking...don't angry ya! Sick bout harry potter!I 'm so in love vf HARRY POTTER!!!
   Buh bye readers!nxt week visit me * my blog * ya! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A special day ??? i guess...:P

Hey stalkers readers ,  today get my report card....BTW , i'm die-ing every second bcuz i get many C n my exam.Omfg!O.O!
   Every minute past,everyone go back home 1 by 1.But i only the girl who was the lastest one to go home....sad :(!
  5.00pm,my mum onli come....When she see my BM fail,she was angry...O.O!!!! Noooooooooo!I'm dead!!!!*Encik Nazri,pls dun say bad things about me * lol.....
  Hey...Dun worry!I alive again *of cuz la,or not i still write blog mehh xP* ... my aunt gonna "tution" help me to improve my BM....bad news :(
  Bye,readers!Missing and Loving U all !!! xD

Saturday, July 16, 2011

合奏 & Brother Birthday :D

Hey STALKERS Readers,today was so happy that i have 合奏 for the first time....BTW,we get scolded cuz of we can't play the song properly.Musical instrument all 走音,OMG-osh!O.O!But finally,Jia Ying says that our group and Liu Qin group is ...... NO PROBLEM in the合奏! YAY!WHEEEEE!xD is my bro birthday!!! Happy birthday Zac!or maybe Messi(my bro nick name ) xD.....And thx cuz of your birthday i can eat cake ...!!!! xD!! Wakaka!!
   Time to go , Bye Sebrina and stalkers readers ! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I was boring....

Boring Boring Boring....Nowadays,life been so boring....! I want to go to school !! x) blek...:P
Just now see until Shu Jia blog...i don know she would keep my present :) so happy lerh...the first time i give my senior present ... :P blek! Buh bye .... dunno wat to say liao weih :P

New Catholic life :)

Hey,Readers! Want to my real "catholic" life, right? RULES: read liao keep ur mouth shut shhhh.. kay?
i met my first friend in CHS *Sharmine* ..... she already becoming my Best friend :)... I know true friend hard to find ... but i'm lucky! i also remember how i make friend with Sebrina ... she already becoming my second Mummy :D
My laopo Jia Wen now is my grandchildren T.T Sad Sad
bye...nothing to write liao time read again bah ! I love U!

No PMO .... :(

Hey Stalkers Readers! PMO dun hav liao lerh... Neh that 709 larh! Urgh! Haiz... sad!But Zhong Ruan teman me :) Life got music , feel good :) Buh bye readers!