Friday, March 23, 2012

I draw :D

Designed by Poh Jing
Shading: Janie 

Emo drawing :(

Emo -A-

 Hey,guys...guess wat? I cry agn!!! Oops! Sorry,i said before i won cry rite? >< I think nobody talk to me i emo gua...then finally,Emo explode !!! Boom! Tear from the volcano xD *Imagine LimBA is beside the volcano xD =A=*
    I so happy because oral postpone liao xD Bwahaha...Thank you exam peipah! I love you *O.o,i looks like that cow now :D* Crazy :D PMO PMO PMO Otonashi Otonashi xD...*sorry ah Janie,But i really love him d marh :D*
     Lala.....Spamming is quite fun weih...Y U IGNORE ME ??? QAQ Emoooooo LOL
    Okay la,dun play play la...good night or OYASUMINASAI everyone ! I love u all! xD

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crying behind of them

こにちわ, This week i cry a lot ... cause by stress *lol...stress also wanna cry xD* But what i wanna hear from her is " Aww,dun cry"....
   I wanna say ありがとう to those who make me happy . I love ya! Sometimes,i wanna be like Mugi-chan...give ppl a warm nice rite?

  I would not CRY in front you all anymore...I wanna be more HAPPY ... Help me ><