Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't regret !

Konichiwa and Ohaiyo gozaimasu , Do you LOVE someone or something ? I love my zhong ruan and never regret.
  My junior a,you must LOVE zhong ruan xD...Wu Ka Hin is my junior ,Lee zi Quan too,Oh and a girl call jing ying*e to...i guess*.I have something to tell you.
  Zhong ruan is a special music instrument.It always placed in bass.But if zhong ruan not in the 演奏,the song is not special anymore.So,do you regret,playing zhong ruan?Or Loving zhong ruan ? PS:you cannot regret ! :D
  Friday practice :D Ki dai neh

Japanese class
Konichiwa = hi or good afternoon
Ohaiyo....=good morning
de mo= but

Monday, January 2, 2012

I wanna be mature !

 Hi readers,how are you? :) My brother bully me 12 years.... Urgh, I kinda hate him ! But the news say 老二
is more independent than the 老大..*really? :D*
  My Lao er means my parents not very sayang d..larh...:P What is mature? I don't know...xD
 So~I gonna plan a mature going to plan liao..bye

Japaneese tips:
 Watashi mo = Me too
E to  = Ummm
:) enjoy the japaneese class :D