Wednesday, December 7, 2011

K-on! :D

Haiii, Readers and my friends! These days i been chasing K-on ! Kah Huei , want to watch not? Very nice one o...xD
  I like Mugi weih ... *ehem...not MUGILAN lo* Ano.....Yui ,she is shooooooo cute :D Mio is mature but a scaredy cat xP Ritsu is kinda rude but she is so cool :D Azunyan? She is as cute as a cat *erm...i think ?*
 Now my blog got some japaneese tips ... go see ba!
  Baii Baii lorh~
Azunyan is the last one :D
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Ritsu,Mio,Yui,Mugi :D

She is Mugi :D

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy :D

Erm..Haiii? xD Sorry din update blog :P You know what ? I finally go back home from that crazy house my aunt house...Yeah! So happy, Lalalalalala~sing a happy song! xD haha *Happy dao sot liao*
Oh Oh, i almost forget to tell you all something ! I chase 4 detective conan movie in 1 day,walao eh! And I am drawing anime character (of cuz not 模仿 la) Inoka , Sunflower , Sakura , Angel :D OMG ! Is awesome when i created them :P
 Baii Baii , go eat Wan Tan Mee lorh ! Give You all a flying kiss*Muaksss* xD