Monday, June 4, 2012

Brainfreeze ._.

 Hey hey, guess what? I finally achieve all the songs in Project Diva! :D Omg, I'm so happy! xD I unlock Rin,Len,Luka,Meiko,Kaito,Neru and Haku. I love them, and when i use kaito to play miku song, i thought that kaito is a female o.o
  *Flashback* _______ I remember i use Kaito to play world is mine.... .__. Erm...oh...okay,wait a second...o.o OH! I THOUGHT KAITO IS A GIRL *whatthef---* OH GOSH,what am i thinking?! Sorry times thousand for Kaito. Kaito,forgive me QAQ
 Oyasumi :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I want go school QAQ

 Konichiwa readers, are you holiday-ing? >:D Me? Yesh, and it is BORING !!! The worst is i'm lack of 灵感 ! QAQ Why is this always happen to ME ?! Y? Y NO ANSWER ? I fail draw Haku ! I wish i'm in school now,cuz school can make me draw BETTER ? OMFG,impossible .
  So sorry for being angry , i feel better now. Now i wanna find some Miku + Gumi songs. And you know what just happen? I found NOTHING.... .___.  It's so unlucky. Fine,i just ask from Janie,maybe she can help me *obviouslyshecan*
  So i shall rest . Oyasumi :)