Sunday, July 8, 2012

Something make me happy like hell :D

Hey,guess what? I ''rape'' my laogong. Ehemm,so I din really rape him,I just did it in my dream. I know,i'm hentai or just a pervert or something else. Duhh...I'm hentai chocolate,of cuz I'm hentai.*i'm still thinking how sexy was the body of my laogong www* So,i draw something crazy,wanna see? >< Your answer *yes* lol look below :

so,see! Otonashi was like: Y U RAPE ME?? U SHOULD TELL ME FIRST! Cause if u tell me first,then i can be ready for it xDDD
O...okay,what??? My brain is been poluted amd damaged at this rate
So,admit lorh,I'm hentai enough xD
Oh,i almost forget...:P The reason i draw this thing and rape my Otonashi is because of i sucess drawing my laogong :DD So,clap? >< Nahh,nothing to clap since i did something rapist do xD

     Bye,going to sleep,or not.....i'm a panda-flavour chocolate xD

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