Saturday, August 25, 2012


Fasora now ill QAQ So sad . He cannot sing high pitch weih :( Haiz,Fasora rest more,fast fast recover ! >:P I'm so worry,b'cuz i listen his live and he try his best to sing.But he can't sing high pitch. Nevermind,Fasora forever cute :D His voice is damn HOT <3 Ganbatte Fasora :D Hope you recover soon :)
 Now let's talk about installation(PMO). Okay,i guess you all know i cried((i bet you all don't know ww  And this year i can control my feeling,i cry for 1 minute only :DD Yay www なんだよ?!ww ばかじゃないよ ww サヨナラァァァ Bye :D ready for Sunway Pyramid x)

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